Sunday, 9 December 2012

Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Zion!!!

I had such a great trip to California, Nevada and Utah.  I am so happy to have new friends, new memories and some of my bucket list items crossed off.
I landed at LAX after 14 hours of flying and running to connections.  Even the Air Canada worker at the Phoenix gate was surprised I made that connection.  When I got to LAX I was greeted by a smiling Margaret and no luggage.  Luckily I packed the most important items in my carry on... my bikini and my bridesmaids dress.
On my first day in L.A. we went to Hollywood and took a tour of the city. I got to see the Hollywood sign, the walk of fame and lots of Beverly Hills and Rodeo drive.  The tour guide informed me that he loves Nova Scotia especially Lunenburg.  So funny to hear someone in L.A. say the word Lunenburg.

I enjoyed the days in California with my friends. We ate at an Italian restaurant on Hollywood Blv with a view of the Hollywood sign, we ate true Mexican burritos and of course I had "In and Out Burger".  I enjoyed the views at Laguna Beach and the canyons around Redlands.  We rented a red Mustang and I cruised to Palm Springs on the California Highway by myself ... outlet shopping is always a must and the Palm Springs Premium Outlets were worth the drive. 

It wouldn't be a Joni Thomas trip without googling every sports team and finding out who is playing.  I was lucky enough to go to a Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim game.  It was unbelievable.  Thank you so much to Margaret for getting the tickets and going with me.  I saw a Pujols and a Trout homerun.   I also got to see the Boston Redsox lose in person.  What a great game and a beautiful stadium.  A walk-off Angels win to boot.

Next we drove through the desert to Las Vegas.  We were greeted by the Gregorys and 113 Degree weather.  The MGM Grand was amazing, the wine was cheap and the strip was bright. The jet-lag of the 4 hour time zone difference caught up with me in Vegas when we were drinking Margaritas at 1am (5am Halifax time).  So I'm glad I got to sleep-in the next morning in our giant suite overlooking Vegas.

Next we drove to Zion National Park.  If anyone needs more items on their bucket list, I would add Zion.  Driving the canyon and tunnels were incredible.  My favorite part of my stay in Zion were the Wallets.  Sue, Norm, Faye and Lee took me in as a family member right away. Driving through the canyon, shopping for cool rocks, hiking and taking the park shuttles together was so fun.  I am glad they were there.  Sue, Trish, Faye and I had so much fun together and I was glad to meet them.  I will never forget our time in Zion.  Margaret's wedding was so much fun.  What great families and fun people.  I can't wait to see everyone again!

Playing Catch Up... and Happy Holidays!

I guess keeping a list of 30 things was harder that I thought. I do like having a bucket list. And I am so  glad for the things I did accomplish. I regret it but I have been neglecting my list.  It's holiday season and time to be thankful for what we have.  A new year is upon us and in 2013 I plan on living life to the fullest.  I turn 31 in February and until then I am going to finish as many of my 30 things that I can.  If I don't finish my list, I am going to make it my goal to make a new list of 31 things, add what I didn't finish and start fresh.  It's so great to have a positive outlook on life again.