Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Updates: Relay for Life, Flights, Groupons and a Baby:
I want to start by saying I’m an Auntie! My best friend gave birth to her first born, a daughter named Sofi Lynn.  She was stubborn, but after over 35 hours of labour and very patient Parents, Grandparents and friends, she arrived on May 15th at 7:15pm.  We all love her already.   I can’t wait to see life through her eyes and spoil her rotten. Also want to mention Chelsea had a baby boy on May 8th named Carson, and Carole is due any day now!! There must have been something in the water in August.
Sofi & Auntie Joni

BOOKED! I booked my flight to California for August.  Almost 2 weeks of sun, fun, California wine, a wedding, a baseball game (of course) and lots of Joni/Margaret time.  We are hitting L.A., Laguna, Las Vegas, Utah and all places in-between.  We are also hoping to have time to see the Grand Canyon and some awesome hiking trails in Zion National Park.  Oh did I mention the TMZ tour? That will be fun for sure.  I am one step closer to seeing the Pacific Ocean.  I’m sure there will be time for shopping, beaches, good food and stalking celebrities. 

I still haven’t cashed in my Yoga Groupon.  I want to maximize my month.  Basically I’m being lazy.  My goal now is for June. Wish me luck.

Relay for Life: A group of my girlfriends and I are doing the Dartmouth Relay for Life on June 15th.  I lost my Grandmother in September and I decided to relay in her memory.  Cancer also claimed the life of my best friend Chelsea’s beautiful Mother Kim in January, and more recently my boss Bob.  These people have all made significant impacts on my life, meant a great deal to myself and the people around me, and I am Relaying in their honour.  I hope everyone pledges for my relay and together we can do what we can to fight cancer. 
With May winding down, I look back at my blog and am disappointed in the lack of cross out lines.  I am making significant progress; I booked my flight to California, bought a Groupon for a yoga studio and joined Relay for Life.

Please click the link above and sponsor me if you can.

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